Become A Writer

Tools & Strategies To Get The Words Flowing

1. Create a daily writing habit

2. Choose a word count that feels easy. For me it was 500 a day. For you it might be 100 or 200.  The goal isn’t to write a ton here. The goal is to get yourself into the habit of sitting down every day and getting words onto the page. 

3. Take days off. I take one day off per week.

4. Don’t edit as you go. Spelling, sure. Content? No. Get to your word count and close up for the day. Come back tomorrow.  Edit later.

5. Show up even if you don’t think you have anything to say. It doesn’t matter. What matters is that you show up.

4. Try this for a week.  Put it in your agenda. Cross it off when you’re done, cuz that FEELS GOOD!

5. Make sure you turn on the word counter tool in your word processor.

6. I open one file a week.  At the end of each entry I mark how many words I have reached. So if I reach 508 on the first day, this is the last line of the entry. Each entry has a word count log at the end. I find it really encouraging to see the numbers grow everyday.

7. Don’t worry if it’s shit.  The goal here isn’t quality, it’s QUANTITY.

Under Construction – Stay Tuned!